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General rules apply to all servers, see gamemode specific rules below.
The rules are just a guideline but always at the admins discretion; meaning admins may bend them at times, it's not that serious.
Reasoning: Our goal is to bring a chill and mature vibe to the community we expect our players to have common sense.

Rules are simple here:
- Act friendly to everyone.
*Don't be a douche.
*No offensive language.
*No racism, or racial slurs, allowed at anytime (includes discrimation and bigoting).
*Do not disrespect, purposely aggravate or annoy other players or Admins.
*No begging, especially for credits. (begging for minor things like a certain weapon is allowed to a very limited degree)
*Do not give preferential treatment to any player.

- Don't exploit maps and bugs at all. You will be punished for doing so!
* This includes exploit of races-- meaning you can't be 2 or more races at once. (War3)
*If you find a bug, report it here.

- Do not ask for a Staff rank. You must apply through our staff application threads which can be found here.

- Do not micspam music over other player's music (multispam).

- Do not advertise other servers outside of Paradise.TF.

- Do not trade over mic.

- Don't intentionally impersonate other players or staff. This includes adding a tag to your name (e.g PARADISE ADMIN)

- Hacking in any way, shape or form will result in a perma-ban.

- No NSFW sprays, such as horrific gore or porn.

- No spawn camping; it will result in a warning/ slay.

- Only English on microphone. Any other language will result in a mute.

- Mic-spamming is allowed with HLDJ on most servers, unless otherwise specified. Any other method of micspamming, such as playing music through your microphone, will result in a mute. See HLDJ rules below. Voice changers on the other hand, are not allowed as they are very annoying.

- No Rapid Killing yourself prior to round start.

VSH specific rules: Click Here
Jailbreak specific rules: Click Here
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